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Forecast for the week of June 26, 2023

Today is the 14th consecutive day a heat advisory or excessive heat warning has been in place for the area. Climatologically, when a significant high pressure sets up over Southeast Texas in the summer the system tends to stay relatively in place for 2-3 weeks before a change in the synoptic scale pattern changes causing […]

Forecast for the week of June 18

No real change in the overall weather pattern for this week. Summertime high pressure systems can be persistent, and the high from Mexico that has brought us the heat is here to stay for a while. Persistent isn’t immobile, and the way the high pressure moves will create some differences in the week ahead. The […]

Forecast for the week of June 11th

After a couple of days with severe weather we are going to see a different type of danger from the weather this week – extreme heat. A ridge over central Mexico is going to expand northward and bring significantly hotter weather to Southeast Texas this week. Monday and Tuesday give us a preview of the […]